I am excited about what is happening on Sundays over the next few weeks through to the end of November and wanted to let everyone know about it.

This Sunday is normal (if there is ever a normal Sunday here!), and I am going to be looking a the Sower in the last of our ‘Level Teaching’ series…
The week after (25th October) we are going to have a healing service where the focus will be on us praying for each other and blessing one another in Jesus’ name.

On the 1st November Louise and Toby are going to be baptised with Dan reaffirming his vows… Always a great time – if there is anyone else who wants to be baptised let me know.

Then over the next 4 weeks I have invited 4 church leaders from across the city
Paul Langham – 8th November
Patrick Whitworth – 15th November
Stewart Keiller – 22nd November
Paul Wakely – 29th November

What quality!

I invited them along time ago – back in May – to come and speak into our situation, to bring a blessing and to pray for us in Twerton. They may well bring a few of their churches to come too to join them… It should be good as we listen for what God is saying to us from leaders outside our situation and whom we respect.

So in all in all 7 weeks of Sundays all jammed packed with goodies…

Bring your friends, invite others who are local Christians to listen too (it’s not just for St Michael’s) and join me as we listen out for what God is saying together…

Looking forward to them all
God bless

Oh and here’s a picky to forward to your mates : )