Just wanted to plug the gatherings on Thursday and Friday to you : )

Thursday night from 7.30pm we will be gathering right at the front of the church to remember the last supper and the events that followed. The service will be quite reflective and somber in mood as we listen to readings about Jesus breaking bread, talking about betrayal, washing feet, praying in the garden, being arrested and being dragged to court… Big events simply retold and a chance for us to ponder them together with music and stillness…

On Friday morning join together for a further time of reconnection with the power of cross. Arrive at 10am for some quiet prayer and then at 10.15 I hope to open up for us again the amazing way that Jesus’ death sets us free in a visual way. After this, you can then stay for as long as needed, as around the church there will be a number of ‘stations‘ to go to helping us to connect, and pray, and let go… I am really looking forward to this service-with-a-difference and hope it will be moving and powerful for everyone.

If you have children, how about joining together with our family in the evening at our new cinema at the Rec House at 5pm when we will be showing the beautiful animated film ‘The Miracle Maker’ and enjoying a few nibbles after… A relaxed family time with focus and for all ages…

Really praying that this Easter will be meaningful for us all this year!

PS On ‘Resurrection Sunday‘ don’t forget there is a traditional communion at 9.15, breakfast at 10.30 and celebration at 11. Oh and there will be an Easter egg hunt for children too!