At the beginning of each month we have a slightly different routine for our Sunday gathering. At 9am we have a ‘traditional communion’. At 10.15 we have breakfast together and at 10.45 we hold an informal, more creative service specifically aimed at being accessible and meaningful to families.

The other Sunday we discussed together a new idea – holding this “Sunday Live!” service at the school rather than in ‘church’. After some worship together we introduced the idea and opened it up to discussion and reflection. Everyone threw in their ideas and prayers. People wrote down what they thought and wrote prayers to God about how they were responding. It was a good time.

The response was very positive and the next day the PCC discussed it further and there was a strong sense of unity and clarity about the way forward, so much so that we decided to give it a go from February!

So, from February the timings of our services will look like this:

1st Sunday – 10.15am at St Michael’s School for breakfast followed by worship for the whole family
2nd Sunday – 10.15am at St Michael’s Church for a Family Communion
3rd Sunday – 9.00am at St Michael’s Church for a Traditional Communion, 10.15am Coffee, 10.45am Contemporary Worship service
4th Sunday – 10.15am at St Michael’s Church for a Family Communion

You may notice that one thing we are going to try out alongside holding a service in the local school is also moving the ‘traditional communion’ that we hold on the first Sunday of the month at 9am, to the third Sunday of the month – giving us all time to set up the school and get things ready for a 10.15 breakfast down at the school on the first Sunday of each month. On the third Sunday we will hold a communion at 9am, then have some coffee and doughnuts between the services where we can all mingle and chat, and then have our second service.

As many of us commented when we chatted together holding a meeting at the school will require many more people to get involved and from the sound of it many of you would like to! We will chat about it more as the day approaches and we look forward to this new venture together. Chat together and pray for it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, now is the time to feed them in. If you want to get involved in some way – just let me know : )

Thanks for all your input!