New years bring new hopes and new opportunities. Last year was a significant one for our church but the year ahead promises to be even more so. Facing our biggest challenge of our lifetime we are going to be working together to rebuild, reorder, renew and refresh our church buildings so that they can help us be the people God has called us to be – a sign, a foretaste and an agent of the kingdom of God – a sign of hope in the heart of Twerton.  Our best days are ahead of us and together we are going to have to recommit ourselves to one another as we seek to give ourselves away for the sake of our community.

To help us think through it all, to help us reflect on our discipleship, our community life, our worship and our mission, we will be starting a new series on Sunday mornings called SEVEN SACRED SPACES. Christians down the years have discovered that their communal life together is deepened by living in richly committed lives – dedicated to God and to each other – and the spaces that they built to help them to do this reflect these deep ambitions.  Looking back it is possible to discern SEVEN types of building or space that they created – the chapel, the cloister, the cell, the chapter, the garden, the refectory and the library. Each one has something to tell us about how to structure a powerful community life that is missional in outlook. Through this series we will be looking at each one in turn and asking God to learn from the past and to reinterpret this wisdom for our own age and our own locality.

I am excited about what we will learn together and where this will be leading us as a community centred around Jesus , his life, death and resurrection.

To help us journey together there will also be the opportunity to be get together with others in a small group to discuss it all further and apply the ideas to our lives and I will be producing material to help shape these discussions.

Happy NEW year!