Rose Cottage HUB is thriving.  With the church office relocated upstairs, a new prayer space, and the re-launch of the cafe under Nathan’s leadership, the place is  buzzing.  Mark Lawrence, mission and worship leader, has been working hard with Nathan and many different activities are now happening during the week. The local community have enjoyed the good food served at the cafe on Wednesdays and Thursdays and also during the holidays.  Nathan and the team are always open to welcoming new volunteers so if you are keen to be involved get in touch. The Prayer Space upstairs is available for folks to use and the office space is working well.

The hub is also available for church groups to use so Contact Mark if you have an idea or a request.  Community groups already use the hub each week and we hope to see new groups get involved. If you hear of any way that we can help with a community issue, do let Mark know.

These are exciting days and I am mindful that underlying all these goals and dreams are about connecting with people in real and fresh ways, inviting them into the life we have in Christ – being and making disciples.  We continue to pray for it all and ask God’s blessing on it all.