It was a fab weekend! Just getting together, sitting down in the sunshine, going for a gentle stroll, enjoying a cup of coffee, eating great food, were all fantastic, but it was the quality of the the teaching and the sense of what God was saying to us through each other that will really last. During the morning David and Myrtle Lawrence presented us again with the invitation and challenge of Jesus to join in his revolution of love. Once again we were moved and excited to see ourselves as change-makers, system-breakers, culture-shapers. We were encouraged once again to see how this revolution was always intended to extend to the edges of human life. God was coming to bring his kingdom of love and forgiveness and healing to a world longing for justice and freedom. Invited to take Jesus at his word and to believe in him, we have become his disciples. Like Peter, James and John (Jesus’ three closest disciples) we looked at how Jesus left us with some incredible resources for living in the kingdom and seeing this revolution through. Later in the afternoon, God seemed to speak in a different mode as we reflected together about what had been said and began to notice how central prayer was in this revolution of love. And so we committed ourselves to forming ‘houses of prayer’ right across the area as centres of blessing. The day ended with a Hog Roast and Ceilidh in the evening. And you can’t help smile whenever you think about it all… Thank you to everyone who helped with food, money, putting away, washing up, chatting… It was brilliant.