Teaching from a little while ago…

Ephesians 6

July 24th Ephesians Series
Last one of the series and Danny Morris comes and helps us as we journey through difficult times when the storm rages around us. Brilliant stuff.

Ephesians 6 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Ephesians 5

April 26th Ephesians Series
Mark preaches another cracking talk, this time about the life of the saved person – the difference Jesus makes.

Ephesians 5 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Ephesians 4

April 19th Ephesians Series
Nice shot of the back of my head : ) Jumping to chapter 4 we look at the vision Paul has for the unity of the church and the world under Jesus.

Ephesians 4 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Ephesians 2

March 29th Ephesians Series
Next in the series : )

Ephesians 2 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Ephesians 1

March 13th Ephesians Series
Richard opens up the new series on Ephesians which begins with some of the most fantastic stuff Paul ever wrote about the destination we are all heading to – a world rescued, redeemed, and renewed.

Lent 1: The training of Jesus’ heart

March 13th Lent Series
Richard kicks off our Lent series looking afresh at the story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Opening up the story by wondering what reason the Spirit drove Jesus to the desert and why Jesus fasted we begin to see a pattern for our own lives. Grace and Effort are not opposed.

Lent 1:The Training of Jesus’ Heart from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Everyone a worshipper

February 20th Everyone Series
We are hard-wired to worship. What matters is whom and what we focus our attention on Mark Lawrence gives a brilliant talk on the biblical understanding of worship and how it effects the whole of life. Simple, refreshing, passionate. Brilliant insights into why we worship together too! Take a look!.

Everyone a Worshipper from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Everyone a disciple

February 13th Everyone Series Jesus invites us to walk with so that we become like him There is no such thing as Christianity without discipleship. Today Richard explores the theme of discipleship opening up the invitation to follow Jesus in the lives we currently have. We want to pick up the dust of our rabbi.

Everyone a Disciple from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Everyone is a son

January 30th Everyone Series
The heart of our Father A Father looses his son and goes looking for him. A Father finds his son and welcomes him home. Paul Wakely invites us to trust that God’s Father-like love for us is longing to transform us into sons and to save us from being orphans. A brilliant message!

Everyone a son from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Everyone Forgiven

January 23rd Everyone Series
God bears the cost of our sin This week we explore the depth of God’s love for his creation wounded and scared by rebellion and sin. The cost of forgiveness is always high but to God we are worth dying for. Good news!

Everyone forgiven from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Everyone an image bearer3

January 9th Everyone Series
Reflecting the image of the maker We start this year off with a series called “Everyone”. Kicking off the theme we start at Genesis 1 where we discover that all humanity carries the image of the maker. It’s a great place to start. The only place to start!

Everyone an image bearer from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Nehemiah 13

November 21st Being me
Living out our new identity It’s been a great journey and finally Nehemiah’s journal is coming to an end. As the story wraps up we are encouraged to stay true to our ‘true’ identity. The story comes to end but the question hangs in the air – will we remain faithful? What do you think?

Nehemiah 13 – Being me from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Nehemiah 12:44-47

31st October 2010 The road to maturity
The people steward their possessions for God’s glory Following on from last week the people of Jerusalem set up system to help them maintain the work of worship. It involves them all and they all give their resources to the project. We all steward something. In this talk Richard explores what it means to move from being a guest to being a host.

Nehemiah 12:44-47 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Nehemiah 12:27-43

24th October 2010 Dedication
Worship takes centre place The story continues with a massive worship event orchestrated by the leaders right around the city’s walls and then in the heart of the temple. A vital part of the reconstruction work we want to follow this example making the worship of God a central plank of our our mission in rebuilding the walls of Twerton in our own time.

Nehemiah 12 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Nehemiah 11

10th October 2010 Inhabiting the City
The rubber hits the road Richard is struck by the story where the people draw lots to inhabit the city. 10% of them move in. What does this have to say to us, who have moved into TWERTON? We pray for God’s blessing : )

Nehemiah 11 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Good News

3rd October 2010
What is the Gospel? Making the main thing the main thing Richard, preaching elsewhere this week, goes back over the foundations revisiting the meaning of the ‘gospel’ according to Jesus. See what you think.

Good News from Richard Wilson on Vimeo. Click here for the powerpoint

Nehemiah 9

26th September 2010
Praying is hard and the people of Isreal had lost the habit. This week we read of how the re-engaged with their God and how this impacted their lives.

Nehemiah 9 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Nehemiah 8

12th September 2010
The next passage in the Nehemiah Series – Building a City Scale matters. We act differently when we gather together in small groups and large ones. Richard considers how the big and small work together and how Church is different at different scales. Interesting : )

Nehemiah 8 from Richard Wilson on Vimeo.

Keeping Sex Fresh

14th March 2010
The latest in the ‘Fresh Start’ Series Not so much a ‘how to’ talk – more of a exploration of the issues that face us in this sex saturated culture we find ourselves in. Important stuff.

Paul Langham

8th November 2009 What is God saying to us here in Twerton no.1 Thank you Paul for coming to join us for this day and for sharing your insight into what God might be wanting to say to us in our situation. It’s all about love – his love for us – like a father with a child to save from a fire. Great start to our series of visiting speakers from across the city speaking into our life here.

Baptism for Dan, Louise and Toby

1st November 2009 Special baptism service It was a great thing being part of Dan, Louise and Toby’s baptism day. Here is what Richard shared at the first service and which was repeated in the second service for everyone else. Based on a letter from Paul to the church in Colossae, Richard spoke about the things he prays for Dan, Louise and Toby.

Out there

4th October 2009 (Slightly out of sequence but well worth catching up with) Here Richard looked at the encounter with the centurion and what the story might be saying to us today… Listen out for the references to sandals and chairs.


25th October 2009 Special service Hi… having finished the series following Jesus’ teaching in Luke we are taking a one week look at the issue of healing and refreshing ourselves of what God has in store for us. Richard lays out a fresh model for seeing healing develop in our church life based on the ‘Healing on the Streets’ example. Listen out for the illustration of the Lollipop Lady:)


18th October 2009 “Level Teaching” series Ok… so we have got to the ‘parable of the sower’ which is better described as the parable of the soils. We had a good time together with this one! Lots of interaction and good thoughts. Great story – lots to think about. Which soil am I? Am I path, some uncultivated rocky soil, some crowded thorn filled soil, or some good soil…? It’s all about the state of my heart…


11th October 2009 “Level Teaching” series A lovely little passage this – Three verses hidden away becasue they are followed by the famous parable of the sower that follows immediately taking away our attention. But in these three verse are some radically revolutionary words that have so much to say to us… Love it….

What do you see?

20th September 2009 “Level Teaching” series Jesus is asked if he is ‘the one’ by John’s disciples. He answers by asking what they see. Richard explores this question for ourselves as a church. What do people see when they see us? What does it mean to be an inside-out church?


Richard chats about prayer, answered and not answered – and reflects on what is going on when we pray to the living God. Important stuff.

River or Road

Very often we wonder why suffering comes and we are left unsure if prayer makes any difference.  Richard gets us to think about the character of God and the consistency of his love.