We live in a non-committal culture, where you can turn up to Church when you want, expect to be entertained and still keep all of your options open. This is not what St Michael’s Church is about.

St Michael’s is a Church which is unashamedly about re-centring our lives around Jesus; the man who was God and who spoke about a life that costs and a faith that is sacrificial. Commitment to St Michael’s therefore is not about facilitating your social or entertainment needs, rather, it is about engaging with Church as a spiritual discipline; being caught up into The Biblical Story together and the God that is bigger than ourselves. St Michael’s is a Church that seeks to proactively engage with, relate to and challenge the culture we live in. Our love for Jesus means that mission is at our heart and we seek ways of proclaiming and demonstrating the truth of his resurrection. God has a plan to bring about his justice and peace over the whole earth reconciling us to himself and to establish his kingdom rule on earth as it is in heaven. To this end we exist to share Christ’s message of good news within our community through relationship, action and word.

As part of this we are dedicated to equipping people to a life of discipleship and challenging each other to actively grow in faith and pursue a life of transformation. We acknowledge we can only do this through the leadership, empowerment, presence, counsel and healing power of the Holy Spirit.