For most of the last two thousand years people have associated the word ‘Church’ with something on a Sunday – a service, a mass, a worship event, a teaching hour. As a result other things are also linked to the word – songs, hymns, buildings, pulpits, pews, priests or teachers, worship bands, liturgy… All of these are good things… but…

We want our church here in Twerton to be known for what happens on Mondays not Sundays.

On Mondays we are involved in God’s mission. On Mondays we are praying and connecting with God, on our own and with others. On Mondays we are engaged with the problems of our neighbours and our friends. On Mondays we are wondering what God is prompting us to do or say or think about. On Mondays we are at work, or at home or at the school and we are aware that God is with us and that we represent him.

chippyOn Mondays we are pouring ourselves out for the sake of our world, trying to follow Jesus’ example. On Mondays we are praying in the spirit as much as we can so as not to miss out on being a messenger of God’s kingdom. On Mondays we are making decisions about how to live, how to act, how to think. On Mondays we are avoiding bad things and embracing good things. On Mondays we are with the poor.

On Mondays we are depending on God’s grace for what we do, knowing that nothing we do with out him counts for much. On Mondays we are guiding our children and creating the right environment for them to grow up in. On Mondays we are spending our money wisely and giving our money away. On Mondays we are engaged in our world. On Mondays we welcome in the stranger and the lonely.

On Mondays we read the bible for our personal development and to feed our soul. On Mondays we reflect and sit and think. On Mondays we phone up our friends and eat with others. On Mondays we decide what to watch on TV and what not to watch. On Mondays we are grateful for all that God has done for us and prayerful for everything that is out of sorts in our lives. On Mondays we try to resist sin and when we sin we confess it.

On Mondays we laugh and joke. On Mondays we exercise. On Mondays we call in on those in need and cull up those who need a chat. On Mondays we take rest seriously and leave tomorrows worries to tomorrow. On Mondays we wake, we work, we play, we relax, we sleep. On Mondays we live life… life with Jesus…

Making Monday special is our aim.

And Sundays is another thing all together.

Check out this video… it’s one guy’s way of telling the story…

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