The Rec House

The Rec House is an emerging CREATIVE ARTS CENTRE right in the heart of Twerton.  With a professional recording studio at its heart, it has a fantastically versatile ‘live room’ available for bands, dance sessions, theatre workshops, live music, art displays and so much more heading onto a well equipped kitchen and a delightful garden.  It is a wonderful place for people to offer themselves to others in order to help them grow, develop and to express themselves. Recently refurbished to high level the centre is well kept and refreshingly bright and inviting. Once a cold and musty space the new centre has been freshened up with new equipment, new floors, new lighting, a new colour scheme and a new vibe. It is a venue for people to get together in, to share life with others, to practice, to experiment… a place to be with others, laughing and smiling.



Making a difference in Twerton

Set up by people connected with St Michael’s church next door, the Rec House is not only a venue. We want the Rec House to be an agent of transformation and change here in Twerton – an active and vibrant group of people that want to make a tangible impact on the community and on the lives of individuals. Creativity, music, art, dance, drama are some of the most powerful tools that we humans have for reviewing our lives, changing the ways we see things and living differently. Creativity joins us together and empowers us. Creativity heals us. Creativity helps us express ourselves. Creativity stretches us and challenges us. Creativity makes us different. That is why it matters and why it is so good that we have a community of creative people to work together for the sake of the locality.

Interested in finding out more?

  • Everyone, and we mean everyone, is welcome to join in the fun here at the Rec House! The more the merrier! If you want to find out more email Mark on or call 01225 426017 .
  • You can also hire out the venue be it for a band rehearsal, an evening of creativity or more. We charge £15 an hour (which includes use of the fully kitted out kitchen)
  • Come and make a difference with us and bring some colour, texture and life to our community here in Twerton
  • Check out our website at: of find us on Facebook/TheRecHouse