The plan for the weekend has come together and we are really looking forward to having the time to get together to chat, eat, hear from God, pray and bless our community. The goal of the weekend is to build up our community life, have some time to be blessed by God, and to step out in a shared activity to bless our community. The more of us that are able to be together the better it will be : ) The plan is this:

Saturday 29th September (St Michael’s Day)

9.30 Arrive, drop children off at Rec House, Coffee and Croissants in the church (Children’s work being provided by Holy Trinity Comber Down – Yay!)
10.00 Worship and Teaching. Simon Flint will be speaking!
11.00 Coffee break and catch up
11.30 Session two with time for prayer
12.30 Lunch together (Bring and Share – in the Rec House)

The afternoon is free time but I am hoping that there might be an organised walk, bouncy castle in the Rec House, a chance to hang out together, footy in the park etc… If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know : )

Sunday 30th September
10.15 Gather as normal for worship (Children go straight to their groups) and prayer for our community
11.30 Head over to Cameley Green for a BBQ, Cream Tea

I idea of going over to Cameley Green is to bless our neighbours close to the church by putting on a BBQ, Cream Tea, and some fun games. Hopefully it will attract families and adults and build community. We will also offer help with grass cutting if people would like it. A good number of the church live around Cameley Green and it’s an ideal way of connecting with neighbours in an easy way.

We need your help for this! So can you: make scones, bring some jam, bring chairs/rugs, gazebos, help make some bacon butties/burgers, run a family game… etc…

Obviously this is all weather permitting but I’m sure it will be great!