LONGINGS-HOPES-DREAMSHi everyone. Here is another epistle just bringing you up to date with a few things and sharing some items for prayer.


Our brother Sabiti is moving back home having completed his Masters at Bath University. His family live in a refugee camp and his father is very ill needing treatment. I would love to give him a gift from us all to help him and his family and to bless him on his return home. He is staying with Chris this week before flying off next week. We will pray for him this Sunday and hear more before he leaves.

HELPING OUT on Sundays

We really need help on Sundays in a few areas and I wonder if you could think about whether you could help:
• CRECHE – helping occupy the youngest children during the talk to help parents
• HOSPITALITY – welcoming people and making sure everyone is looked after
• RECORDING THE TALKS – help needed each week to record the talks
• PROJECTOR – making sure the songs come up on the screen

None of these things are massive in themselves but they help enormously! Please, please think about offering.


In the last email I wrote, “Everything we do costs something, even if it’s only time. At the beginning of this term can I ask you to reconsider your GIVING to the church’s mission. We have a calling from God to serve, to connect and to bless the families of Twerton – people of all ages – and we need finances to fulfil this task. If you are already make a monthly gift to the church please consider increasing your donation. If you don’t make regular gifts, how about firming that up an making that a regular commitment. If you have never given much before consider giving a proportion of your income to support the mission. A helpful and biblical guideline for giving is the ‘tithe’ – a 10% contribution. Ask God about it all and he will direct you as to what would be a good way to respond to the needs of the church.”

I don’t want you to miss this! Alan told the PCC this week that we are down about £400 per month this year. On average it costs £10 per person per week to do the things we are currently doing and we know we want to do more! Giving is an act of worship.


Having heard back from our Architect about the state of the structure of the building, we have arrived at a critical moment in our journey together. We can no longer just patch an aging structure and need to find significant resources to update and upgrade the structure, inside and out. The size of this task is so massive that it is forcing us to ask big questions about the purpose and use of the building and to seek God about his vision for its future. We have been offered help from the Diocese to undertake a fundamental review of the building and will need to develop a comprehensive plan and vision together for the way forward.

I can’t overstate how significant this is for us all. However, despite the size of the task and issues, I am very hopeful that God will use this ‘crisis’ for his glory and to see many more people enter his kingdom. This is not the end of St Michael’s but a new beginning!

However, we all need to be involved and we all need to PRAY! This is a massive task for us and we need to be united in prayer and in vision if we are to get through it!

I will say more about it all NEXT SUNDAY – ST MICHAEL’s DAY – 29th SEPTEMBER


As in previous years we have booked ASCENSION church for a weekend of teaching, worship and ministry. A team of us are working hard to make sure that it will be the best one yet. We are delighted that TIM BUCKLEY will be speaking on the theme of going DEEPER with God and that there will be a full Children’s programme to help them deepen their own relationship with God too alongside the adult programme. The date to block out in your diary is OCTOBER 12th and 13th. A full programme will be coming shortly but book out the whole weekend as we want to be able to relax and enjoy time together in the evening as well as during the daytime.


The visions are taking root and they are growing! It’s a new term for our key projects too and so do pray for Barrie, Ruth, Mark and Luke as they continue to develop the work and make connections with people. Pray too for the funding of these projects, giving thanks for what has already been gifted to us. So much has been achieved so far, but there is so much to continue to do.


Although the number of students living in Twerton is on the rise we have yet to see many take root in our church family… Perhaps this year things may change. Do look out for new Students as the arrive and welcome them into our home. It’s so key that they get included into a church family quickly before they drift with everything else that goes on for them in the first few weeks of term…


I am full of hope looking forward. God is moving among us and through us. Let us recommit ourselves to him as we begin this new term together. To him be glory forever.