lentsquare2After his baptism, just as Jesus was about to set out on his ministry, the Spirit of God took him into the desert for a period of 40 days. During this time Jesus went without food and company. Embracing silence and solitude he pressed into the resources of his Father and found that God’s grace was made perfect in his weakness. Trained and equipped by God through this experience Jesus resisted the temptations of the devil and found himself totally reliant on the grace and love of his father.  All of us face periods of testing and each year Christians intentionally embrace a discipleship program called ‘LENT’ to restore and reset our hearts in line with our heavenly father. Deliberately setting aside things such as food, or time, or money, we take up disciplines that produce fruit in our lives. Lent is a period of transition for us. It is an essential part of the journey. It is a beginning and it is an end. Join with us as we walk together into this period of 40 days between ASH WEDNESDAY (18th February) and GOOD FRIDAY (3rd April).