We are on a journey together as a church family, learning what it means to bring every area of our lives into line with the Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ proclaimed and demonstrated in his life, death and resurrection. The Kingdom of God is where God gets what God wants.  It is where his good and perfect will is perfectly expressed and Jesus taught us to pray for this Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.

We have been gripped by a vision of the Kingdom demonstrated and embodied in the life and work of Jesus from Nazareth.  It is a beautiful, upside-down kingdom where the poor are blessed, sinners are forgiven, the oppressed are set free and the sick are healed.

Learning together how to be Jesus’ disciples and apprentices, we are eager to learn more about how to live out the fullness of this Kingdom life together and learning about healing is just one part of this bigger vision.

Join us as we seek first God’s Kingdom in every part of Twerton and pray for his good and prefect will to be expressed in every part of our community


Here are some slides about the theology behind all this












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