swingWhen we think of church many people instantly think of a building and the things that go on inside it. We want to change that and turn it on its head. We want everyone, when they think of St Michaels, to think instantly of people – people like themselves – people making a difference in the world.

We hope that St Michael’s is different. We are a growing community of people of all backgrounds and all ages and we are convinced that God wants to do great things here in Twerton. While we love to get together we don’t want to be known primarily for our ‘services’. We want to be known for other things – friendship, concern, authenticity, community, enthusiasm, joy, giving, life.

Over the last few years we have become increasingly convinced that the best way to live is to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God’ and then to trust him with everything else. In practice this means that we have decided to orientate our lives around what God is doing and to get together as a number of outward focussed communities. We call these ‘missional communities’, but another name would simply be ‘church’. These ‘churches’ are not primarily about worshipping together on Sunday, although for all of us worship means everything, but are focussed on mission – loving our neighbours, making a difference, and inviting others to join us in discipleship to Jesus.

If that sounds like what you would be into, then drop in on us or get in contact. We look forward to meeting you. It will be fun.