Our Vision.

Seeing lives impacted and transformed by the good news of Jesus’ Kingdom through the witness of a vibrant life-giving community devoted putting Jesus’ words into practice, enjoying God and living life to the full.

Our Mission.

Making disciples and being a growing community of people in Twerton who worship God with our whole lives.

We aredisciples.

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Enjoying God / Investing in relationships / Persuing growth / Committed to Twerton / Being family / Seeking the Kingdom / Persistent in prayer / Focused on discipleship / Purposeful engagement / Whole-hearted worship / Generous community / Shaped by scripture / Blown by the Spirit

Life is driven by the heart.

As a community journeying with Jesus and centred on him we are learning that our hearts matter. To keep our hearts pure and true and beating right we are engaged in 4 actions or directions. These are heart issues and lie at the heart of our church life together. They matter. They shape us. They are what we are about.
The 4 most important things are:


Join us as we dedicate our lives to these 4 things.