It was a great day!  The sun shone, the BBQ was perfect, the games were fun, the music was fab, the atmosphere was relaxed, the church looked brilliant, the cakes were amazing and everyone had a great time!.  We think about 250 people came and enjoyed it all.  Helen was delighted with winning £25 for her contribution to the painting that Mike organised, and Ruth thinks that her team of face painters decorated about 100 children.  Tory noted the steady stream of people wanting to have their nails done, and Dave ran out of coconuts in the first hour! So thank you to everyone who made the day such a joyful event – from those who came to set up, to those who helped serve and cook and paint, to those who performed and entertained, to those who danced their socks off, to those who tidied away at the end of it all!  Thank you!  If you have any photos of the event, let us know or email them in!

Until next year!  Richard