It was a bolt out of the blue. One word. “Everyone” Nothing more, nothing less.

And I knew it was a God thing.

I am excited about our new series on Sundays called “EVERYONE”. I believe that God wants us to know something simple, but deep – that this thing is for EVERYONE, that he is for EVERYONE, that this gospel is for EVERYONE, that God’s love and blessing and presence is for EVERYONE. It sounds simple and sounds as if we already know it. Which we do. It’s just that we don’t always really know it – or live as though we know it. Somehow we have categories of who is in and who is out, who get’s good things and who is left out, who is blessed and who is not. God wants us to get this: It’s for EVERYONE.

Join us as we reflect, rejoice and explore this theme together.

Sundays to Easter


02 New Year
09 Everyone an image bearer
16 Everyone missed the mark
23 Everyone forgiven
30 Everyone a son


06 Everyone gifted
13 Everyone a disciple
20 Everyone a worshiper
27 Everyone a missionary


06 Everyone a priest
13 Everyone together
20 Lent 1
27 Lent 2


03 Lent 3
10 Lent 4
17 Palm Sunday
24 Resurrection Sunday