New Service Times

Since January we have been trying out a whole new way of organising our services on Sunday mornings.  We are really excited about these new changes. if you want to find out more about all this, then click here.

From now on (except for the first Sunday of the month) the gatherings will begin with 45mins of worship (readings, prayers, songs, stillness, visuals, meditations, breaking bread etc) followed by a ‘Doughnut Break’ for about 30mins, followed by a time of learning together (the ‘talky bit’). (see podcasts)

cupOn the first Sunday of every month we have what we have called ‘Sunday Live!’ (I think after a Saturday morning TV show some years back).  Regardless of the name, we will increasingly use this time to hear form the various missional communities, to pray for them, prophesy over them, encourage them and ask for God’s blessing on them. In this way we hope that the various smaller groups will feel part of the bigger community and the bigger community will feel part of the smaller groups.

We really hope that these changes will help us all connect with God and each other in an increasingly rich way… and that our lives continued to get shaped by Jesus in the process…

Everyone is welcome to join us as we explore life with God together.