DNAgroupTory and I are starting up a new group from the 6th June that meets every fortnight and we are calling it a DNA group – discipleship, nurture and accountability. The idea is that it will be quite an intentional group where we really try to help each other follow through on our desire to be disciples of Jesus. I am excited about it and although it will be quite strong commitment-wise I think that this will be why it will make so much difference to us all. The focus will be on us setting our own goals and working towards them together. To be part of the group I am also going to be encouraging everyone to be in a formation group of two or three alongside the larger fortnightly group meeting. I’ll explain more on the 6th.

We are going to launch it all on the 6th June with a supper at 7.30 at our house and the group will run up to Christmas – enough time for us to really get some patterns fixed in our lives…

How about it? It will be challenging… but it will be fab! I’d love you to be part of it…

I made a leaflet about it all and this is what I put on the back of it:

As we know, our real LIFE comes from Christ, from Jesus. We are constantly being drawn into a deeper relationship and dependence on him for everything. This is the journey of discipleship and worship that we are on and we want to make sure that we shape our community life around this goal. To this end we are starting a new small group for those who really want to start or re-establish a dynamic and disciplined way of life that will last.

Called DNA, the group will meet to help each other build a firm foundation for the rest of our lives and will be focused on discipleship, nurture and accountability. As we will be looking together at how to establish a ‘way of life’ to be part of the DNA group you will also be encouraged to be part of a FORMATION group as a vital part of your discipleship. Meeting fortnightly, rather than weekly you are also encouraged to block the dates out in your diary right from the start. as commitment to the group will be important. As we journey together for a period of six months (up to Christmas) we will work hard at developing our characters, knowledge and giftings as followers of Christ.

You may have been to Alpha or Cafe Theology, you may be new to church life or an old stager, but it’s about really moving on and getting a new pattern for your life established and rooted in.