Discovering life together

We all know that women have many different roles all at once. Often this is talked about as an ability to ‘multitask’ – doing more than one thing at a time, thinking about more than one thing at a time – and often this is contrasted with the singular approach of men. Well, regardless of whether men are able to do more than one thing at a time, it is undoubtedly true that most women, most of the time, are carrying out many tasks at once.

toryAs a church (a gathering of disciples) we want to be a community which helps and supports one another in being faithful to God in everything we do – small and large. And in a life that seems always so busy and when we so often feel overwhelmed by all the demands that there seem to be on us, we want to help one another to find the space, the time and the capacity to hear from God and abide in him. That’s why we are increasingly choosing to carve out time, as women, to get together and chat, and pray, and think, and relax – and not only to do things… Formally, we meet in formation groups, small house groups, and at other times – but more often than not we pop into each other’s homes for coffee, call each other up, pray for each other on the street, go shopping for one another… little things than put our faith into practice.

The reasons for all this are simple: we simply long for relationship, community, encouragement and growth.

Look out for some new events we are hoping to do together on the ‘coming up’ page…