If you’ve got kids, you’ll know that being a parent today is hard – it’s always been hard – but the issues we face today are new and difficult to crack. As a church we are committed to helping each other to build strong families – to help each other with bringing up our children – encouraging each other when we need it – babysitting for each other – looking out for each other’s kids.

In our Sunday services we try to make sure that the children are not simply ‘happy’ but really taken care of in a great way. We are dedicated to creating an environment in which children are free to grow and learn. We want them to encounter Jesus with us and have the space to develop into wonderful people who trust him. We have a crèche for babies and children aged between 0-2, and kid’s work in the Rec House for children aged 3-5 and 5+. Do get in touch if you want to know more!

But belonging to the church here is not so much about coming to church on Sunday but being involved together in God’s purposes for Twerton and children and kids are a big part of that.  So perhaps you might want to get involved in the Toddler group down at The Rec House each Monday morning, or join in with a group of others making a difference at the local Junior school.

If you want to have a special service for a new child or for you as a couple then do contact Richard Wilson (The Vicar) who would love to chat to you about what you are thinking of… 01225 421438 or