Funday Sunday 25th July

To say thank you to everyone who gave so generously to the church when our windows were smashed and to celebrate their repair we are hosting a St Michael's Funday on Sunday 25th July from 12-3pm. It's all free and with live music, a free BBQ, teas and cakes, games for the kids, a dance show, a pampering stall and so much more, it will be great fun!  See you there : )


As a Christian community we are increasingly aware that life is all about connection – our connection with God and with others.  There is so much about connection in the bible… so much in the story… perhaps you could say that it’s a all about connection – with God, with each other, with the world around us… In it we read stories of connection and stories of disconnection, we read stories of how God wanted to reconnect us to himself, and how we repeatedly disconnect ourselves from him and other, and we read stories of Jesus who was so connected with his Father and yet allowed himself to become disconnected so that he could reconnect us to God.

This is what the story is about…

And it is what we are about here as a church in Twerton

We have a simple purpose:

  • to connect ourselves to God and
  • to connect ourselves with others and
  • to connect others up with God

We need to keep it simple – it’s about CONNECTION!

The way we do this is to embody the message of Jesus and to proclaim the message of Jesus.

We embody the message in numerous ways – through how we live together, through how we behave, through how we speak, through how we worship, how we care, how we respond to needs, how we love one another.

We proclaim the message through words – at work, at the school gate, at home with our children, at funerals, at weddings, at Rose Cottage and the Rec House – telling people of God’s good news for their lives.

This past week we celebrated another year together and elected new representatives to oversee our life together.  We reviewed what God has been doing and we reminded ourselves of our mission – to be connected.  We are excited about the year ahead.  Join us.

Looking back and forward

Every year we review our life together and look ahead to the challenges and tasks that lie in front of us and our annual review is coming up on Sunday April 25th.  Join us to look back and forward.  Share stories of what God has been doing.  Listen to others as they tell of his love.  Reflect on what God is calling us to in the future.

As I have been reflecting myself, here are 5 things that I think it's important for us to remember:

We live in a war zone

Every single one of us in Christ has a role to play

Only together, not individually, do we make up the body of Christ

If it's not 'authentic' we shouldn't do it

It's about the kingdom, not about Church

Come and add your own voice to mine!  Think about joining the PCC.  Vote, pray, rejoice.

Sunday 25th April - 10.15am

White Horse Generosity

Tuesday 2nd March... the White Horse pub... people gathered to drink beer and sing songs... It was Jase's idea, not ours.  He'd managed to beg a couple of barrels from the local breweries who supply him.  'All proceeds towards the broken stained glass windows' he said. 'Thought we should do something.'  Everyone helped out. Jackie made some pasties and sold them for 50p each.  Mates came to sing and play and the regulars were very welcoming.  It was a fab evening and amazingly £503.35 was raised!  Unbelievable!  So THANK YOU WHITE HORSE and to everyone who gave and drank and sang.  You were so generous!

Signs of the Kingdom

God is working all the time... although we can't always see it or recognise it.  But sometimes God's actions in our lives feel so real that we can't help but talk about them.

As we journey together as a church family we want to encourage each other with stories of what we see God doing in our lives.  Simple stories, simply told. Real. Authentic.

To help us in all this we are going to make sure that each week we hear from each other when we meet.  So come ready to share your stories.  Get used to looking out for the workings of God and listen out for what the Spirit is saying to us as a family being shaped into the life of Jesus.

Beer and Carols

beerandcarolssmallAs well as the normal and wonderful Carol services this year we are also taking everything out to the local pub. Join us for a great evening of beer and carols as we sing around the tree and celebrate together. Tuesday 22nd December from 7pm onwards.

The pub is laying on some mince pies and mulled wine so come early! Should be fantastic. All ages welcome including children.

"Sing Choirs of Angels!"

Healing service

loveThis Sunday we are going to be focussing our prayers and attention on healing. We carry with us the seeds of faith and bring our concerns and requests to our God of love. Breaking bread together we are mindful that Jesus is there amongst us and that we join our prayers with his. Come ready to pray, to receive and to believe.

10.15am at the main church building.

Next Sunday we are holding a baptism service as Dan, Louise and Toby come forward as a family to announce their faith and trust in Jesus. Pray for them as they get ready for this significant day in their lives.

Two months of Sundays

I am excited about what is happening on Sundays over the next few weeks through to the end of November and wanted to let everyone know about it.

This Sunday is normal (if there is ever a normal Sunday here!), and I am going to be looking a the Sower in the last of our 'Level Teaching' series...
The week after (25th October) we are going to have a healing service where the focus will be on us praying for each other and blessing one another in Jesus' name.

On the 1st November Louise and Toby are going to be baptised with Dan reaffirming his vows... Always a great time - if there is anyone else who wants to be baptised let me know.

Then over the next 4 weeks I have invited 4 church leaders from across the city
Paul Langham - 8th November
Patrick Whitworth - 15th November
Stewart Keiller - 22nd November
Paul Wakely - 29th November

What quality!

I invited them along time ago - back in May - to come and speak into our situation, to bring a blessing and to pray for us in Twerton. They may well bring a few of their churches to come too to join them... It should be good as we listen for what God is saying to us from leaders outside our situation and whom we respect.

So in all in all 7 weeks of Sundays all jammed packed with goodies...

Bring your friends, invite others who are local Christians to listen too (it's not just for St Michael's) and join me as we listen out for what God is saying together...

Looking forward to them all
God bless

Oh and here's a picky to forward to your mates : )


Simple Church

Check out this really fascinating and inspiring video about 'simple' church - a church about people not services...  Worth watching : )
Read more


New Service Times

Since January we have been trying out a whole new way of organising our services on Sunday mornings.  We are really excited about these new changes. if you want to find out more about all this, then click here.

From now on (except for the first Sunday of the month) the gatherings will begin with 45mins of worship (readings, prayers, songs, stillness, visuals, meditations, breaking bread etc) followed by a 'Doughnut Break' for about 30mins, followed by a time of learning together (the 'talky bit'). (see podcasts)

cupOn the first Sunday of every month we have what we have called 'Sunday Live!' (I think after a Saturday morning TV show some years back).  Regardless of the name, we will increasingly use this time to hear form the various missional communities, to pray for them, prophesy over them, encourage them and ask for God's blessing on them. In this way we hope that the various smaller groups will feel part of the bigger community and the bigger community will feel part of the smaller groups.

We really hope that these changes will help us all connect with God and each other in an increasingly rich way... and that our lives continued to get shaped by Jesus in the process...

Everyone is welcome to join us as we explore life with God together.