Our Vision.

To redevelop Twerton’s beautiful Victorian Church and the old Church Rooms (the Rec House), bringing the whole site into the 21st century, opening it up, increasing capacity, improving accessibility for the whole community and leaving a legacy for future generations.

Our Mission.

To UNLOCK the Church for EVERYONE re-establishing it as the HEART of the community


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Join us in seeing the Church here in the centre of Twerton redeveloped and restored for everyone in the community so that we can hand it over to future generations in the same way it was gifted to us.

Driven by a desire to see the church buildings open and accessible to everyone we are embarking on an ambitious plan to see the whole site redeveloped and renewed for future generations.

We have three goals:

TO SEE THE CHURCH UNLOCKED and opened up.  For too long the church yard and the church has been locked up and hidden from view.  Security is always an issue but we have a plan for a way to see the building and the surrounding environment radically opened up and made accessible for all.

TO MAKE THE WHOLE SITE OPEN TO EVERYONE.  Accessibility is more than simply giving people a lovely welcome.  It means breaking down the barriers that prevent people from making use of the church building.  St Michael’s sits beautifully on a small incline but this makes it difficult to access and means that Rec House is disconnected from the main building.  We are developing a plan to re-landscape the whole site, giving greater focus to the war memorial, placing it once again at the heart of our community, and linking both buildings in such a way as to open them both up to all people, all ages and all physical abilities.

TO SEE THE CHURCH RE-ESTABLISHED IN THE HEART OF THE COMMUNITY.  There has been a church on the site of St Michael’s for the past 1100 years shaping the rhythm of life here for centuries.  We have a plan to reorder the building in such a way that it can be reborn as a place for community and worship for everyone and for years to come.