Some times matter more than others. Some times are significant in our lives, in our families, at work, in our country, in our city.

I wonder if next week will be such a time for us as a church. I wonder if next week will be such a time for us as churches across the city. I am thinking it will.

Over the last few years churches in the deanery have been journeying together and God has been giving us a clear commission to focus our attention on making and growing disciples across our city and to make changes to our church life that most help us to follow through on this. We are being challenged by the Spirit to reimagine ourselves as a Mission Agency sent into our city to preach Christ crucified, to proclaim Jesus as Lord and risen one, to announce the forgiveness of sins, to proclaim good news to the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to comfort all who mourn, and to provide for those who grieve, to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. Another way of putting this is ‘seeing hundreds becoming disciples and our whole city transformed by God’s loving rule’.

Having a clearer view of our shared calling we are beginning to pray into this more, to gather as leaders more, to share dreams and ideas and problems together more, and to hold each other more accountable, in the hope that over time we will see increased fruit from our efforts and the church grow to 4000 disciples by 2020.

This has been a significant time for us.

To help us in all this God has been providing for us people to help shape and influence our thinking and vision - David Lawrence, the Lead Academy team – and now Mark Greene and Neil Hudson.

Mark and Neil are a gift to God for us. They will help us as leaders to think through how to empower disciples for their frontline and help us develop a vision and a strategy for city-wide disciple making and growing.

And that’s why I believe next Wednesday afternoon will be a significant time for us as Anglican church leaders

We will be listening together, praying together, sharing together with others form our church leadership teams. We will also be joined by other Christian leaders from across the city, deepening relationships and unity among us. I am sure that God will use this time powerfully.

In the evening Mark and Neil will be speaking to our people, our church families, sharing with them the calling God has placed on their lives and inspiring them to a life of discipleship where every aspect of their life is involved – ‘Whole-Life Discipleship’.

I believe that this will be a significant time for us all.

For some of us this will be a completely new. And life transforming. For others it will be a reminder, a challenge, a nudge. For others it will be a moment of inspiration where they see their lives completely differently.

And then, lastly, on the Thursday morning we will gather together again as clergy from across the deanery to go deeper. This will be an important time when plans emerge, when questions are answered, when things begin to turn into action.

I believe that this will be a significant time for us as a Chapter.

We have been planning for this event for many months now and the time is drawing closer. I am sure that as we invest in these three sessions together God will do a significant thing among us and I so look forward to joining you in it all.

God is good


invitedChristmas is a party that celebrates the greatest gift God has given the world and we are all invited to it! As a church community we celebrate this gift in a number of ways and this year we are holding a range of services through December and you are invited to them all!

Sunday 13th 3pm Family Nativity
Sunday 20th 7pm Carols by Candlelight
Christmas Eve 11pm Midnight Communion
Christmas Day 10.30am Family Celebration

May we all know God's invitation once again this year!


seeingliveschangedsquareIt was such an amazing day! As Dan, Sasha, Jason and Beth shared their stories with us and declared their faith in Jesus. Immersing them in the water we celebrated their new life in Christ and sang with the Angels. All of us were so moved by the stories they told which you can watch below. Loss, grief, challenge, pain - all of these have been transformed by the presence of Jesus and the reality of his life available to all. As Jason said, "Watch this space!"


LeeAbbeysquareIt is such a gift that so many of us are able to get away this weekend to LEE ABBEY in Devon. I am so looking forward to it. Beautiful surroundings, a great community ready and waiting to welcome us and bless us, amazing food, great children's activities - it's going to be fantastic. Getting away as a church is always a blessing and these weekends can be some of the most encouraging and energising of all - life changing. I am praying in expectation that this will be exactly like this for us all. Being a disciple in today's world, remaining hopeful in the face of difficulty or pain, keeping true to our renewed identities in Christ, finding time to pray and worship and rest - these things are difficult for us all and the weekend away will offer us all so much. May God bless us and through us the lives of many others as a direct result of this weekend!


Administrator-AdvertCould you be the right person to join our family and to help us really fly as an organisation? We are looking to appoint a part time administrator for the church and the Deanery who will help us grow. Working directly with the Rural Dean with deanery matters your primary role will be to help develop the administration of St Michael’s, assisting with communication, managing some staff and carrying out vital financial tasks.

Interested? Download the information pack here 

St Michael’s is church with a big heart and a big ambition. We long to connect with people, to draw them into discipleship and to see them discover life in all its fullness. Rooted in Twerton we are committed to seeing our community transformed and to seeing our church grow in depth and breadth.

You will be entering the church staff team at a key time. Our mission work in the area is flourishing at Rose Cottage, the Rec House and our local schools. Our connection with families is deepening and the work of making parents, young people and children disciples is an area of significant development.

This job may be right for you if you are someone who loves bringing things into order, connecting and communicating with people, and is confident with figures and banking tasks. You will be a natural completer finisher and someone who tends to be one step ahead of others anticipating what needs doing next to make things work well. You will be organised and self-motivated. You will a wholehearted disciple of Jesus and keen to grow in your faith as part of the St Michael’s family sharing in our community life together. You will be excited by the vision of the church and seeing dreams become a reality. You find solutions to problems and get things done.

If this is you, please contact Rev Richard Wilson (Rector) by email, for more details and a job pack –

Hours 18hrs/week
Salary £18,000 – £20,000 per year pro rata
Closing date 24th June 2015
Interview date 30th June 2015


easterlifeTHIS IS IT! The story is reaching its climax. The music is swelling and the songs of SALVATION are filling the air. The servant King is coming to overthrow the prince of the world and to establish his kingdom in its place. The battle will be fierce. The blows will be great. The anger expressed will be violent. And Jesus will take it all, absorb it all, hold it all. By his stripes we are healed. This is our week. Celebration week. Freedom week. This is the week the Lord of the Dance breaks us free from the powers and principalities that ruin and destroy our lives each day. We join the singing crowd. We join the disciples on the way to the last supper. We watch with the women as Jesus is lifted up on the cross. We weep with Mary, run with Peter, walk with the two on the way to Emmaus, wonder with Thomas, and hear the words of Jesus once again. "I have overcome the world!" What a week! What a story! Unmissable! Totally life changing.

Palm Sunday Breakfast 9am Rose Cottage, 10.30 gathering
Holy Week 7.30pm Prayers in Church
Maundy Thursday 7.30pm Last Supper at Ascension
Good Friday 2.30 Thinking about the Cross
Easter Sunday 9.30am, and 10.30am Celebration gatherings

Lent - a time of transition

lentsquare2After his baptism, just as Jesus was about to set out on his ministry, the Spirit of God took him into the desert for a period of 40 days. During this time Jesus went without food and company. Embracing silence and solitude he pressed into the resources of his Father and found that God's grace was made perfect in his weakness. Trained and equipped by God through this experience Jesus resisted the temptations of the devil and found himself totally reliant on the grace and love of his father.  All of us face periods of testing and each year Christians intentionally embrace a discipleship program called 'LENT' to restore and reset our hearts in line with our heavenly father. Deliberately setting aside things such as food, or time, or money, we take up disciplines that produce fruit in our lives. Lent is a period of transition for us. It is an essential part of the journey. It is a beginning and it is an end. Join with us as we walk together into this period of 40 days between ASH WEDNESDAY (18th February) and GOOD FRIDAY (3rd April).


Rose Cottage HUB is thriving.  With the church office relocated upstairs, a new prayer space, and the re-launch of the cafe under Nathan's leadership, the place is  buzzing.  Mark Lawrence, mission and worship leader, has been working hard with Nathan and many different activities are now happening during the week. The local community have enjoyed the good food served at the cafe on Wednesdays and Thursdays and also during the holidays.  Nathan and the team are always open to welcoming new volunteers so if you are keen to be involved get in touch. The Prayer Space upstairs is available for folks to use and the office space is working well.

The hub is also available for church groups to use so Contact Mark if you have an idea or a request.  Community groups already use the hub each week and we hope to see new groups get involved. If you hear of any way that we can help with a community issue, do let Mark know.

These are exciting days and I am mindful that underlying all these goals and dreams are about connecting with people in real and fresh ways, inviting them into the life we have in Christ - being and making disciples.  We continue to pray for it all and ask God's blessing on it all.



Andrew's latest idea down at the Rec House! It's going to be fantastic!


Important MessageHi everyone.

Not many of us may care so much that it’s a new football season but for those of us who meet at the House of Football it’s becoming a little more all-consuming all over again. It can be like this with church life too – our interest and connection ebbing and flowing as time passes by – some of us loving it – being engrossed in it – others less so, less connected. Well, in church terms it definitely feels like the beginning of a new season. My sense is that these are important days for us as a church family and there is so much going on and so much needing prayer right now that I have felt that I needed to get in touch with you all – by video, by facebook, by email, by letter… whichever was the best way for you to connect with you about it all…

A few Sundays ago I handed out a flyer with a vision of what the church would be like in 2019 – five years from now – I hope that you have had a chance to read it. It’s not a fixed thing – it’s not a prophecy – it’s not a manifesto – it’s just what I can imagine and what I can hope for… It tells a story of how we have grown – in number and in strength and in maturity. It tells a story of how we have joined together around a shared mission and how everyone has played a part to bring it about... a story of new families, new men and new young people and children. A story of new people of all ages who have found a way back to the father that created them. It’s a story of salvation and forgiveness and healing. It’s a story of rescue. It’s what I live for.

If I am honest it’s been a challenging summer for us. Summer is great for a break but it can also fragment our community life for a while as numbers fluctuate on Sundays and mid-week meetings and activities take a breather. With Barrie and Ruth leaving Rose Cottage after an amazing four and half year stint we have had to regroup and take stock. With me making the decision to cut the number of early morning services back to one a month I know that there have been feelings of sadness about it all. With changes to the building needing to become firmed up anxieties can grow about the changes that are going to take place. With people being taken ill and needing hospital care, with anniversaries of loved ones having to be faced, and with the ongoing challenge of doing life and mission in Twerton we have felt stretched and vulnerable. Behind the scenes many of us are facing major decisions, important life choices and difficult personal challenges.

All this has left its mark on us and we have had to hold on. Which we are doing… just…

What is God saying to us in all this? What is he wanting to remind us of?

We know that God knows it all. And that he is utterly interested in it all. There isn’t a moment of our day, a hair on our head that he isn’t concerned with. He loves more than the sparrows – this we know. And we know that he has called us here – not to die in the desert but to find life – life in all its rich fullness. We know that he aches for our community, for the locality and we know that Bath will not be healed until Twerton is healed, Bath will not be free until Twerton is free. We know this. He has not forgotten us. He is ahead of us. He is providing for us. He is fighting for us and he who began a good work in us is faithful to complete it…

And it is with this hope that I want to invite you to join me in praying for the churc, for the community, for each other once again. Of course we already pray for each other but let’s recommit ourselves to this task. Let’s recommit ourselves to interceding and for digging deep into God’s storehouses of grace and seeking God for his blessing on us and our community. My goodness we need it.

Can you pray for Rose Cottage?

I am so excited about the future of Rose Cottage as we make it a St Michael’s Hub – all freshly painted upstairs and down – ready for hospitality and welcome, for prayer and ministry, for serving and listening, for discipleship and worship. Pray for the new kitchen manager being appointed this week – and for the team they will need to draw around them. Pray for the staff team relocating the office to the upstairs which is going to be so great for us – connecting us to everyone and everything. Pray for the other ideas we have – for family days, for youth groups, for the art group, for ‘house groups’ using the centre.

One exciting thing we are doing is to turn one of the rooms upstairs into a prayer space – open for everyone to use – to connect and to reach out – right in the heart of the High Street. Of course you are all welcome to come and use it!

Pray for Mark and he oversees the work and for the new Mission Committee that we are drawing together in October to shape and bless the church in its mission and disciple-making. Pray a blessing over the Rec House and all that happens there.

It’s been a great Summer at the Rec and with Andrew Lawrence appointed for 6 months as a Community Musician it looks like the place with continue to buzz. Pray for the resources to come to expand and extend his work.

And pray for the young people. Luke and the team have built up incredible life-changing relationships with them and it has been so amazing to see the work mature and develop with the creation of the two new chaplaincy posts – Laura and Gwen. Luke’s passion to see these families and young people find life in Christ is so infectious and it really is amazing that the school has contributed to funding part of a post for the next two years. Do pray for the new team as they get their feet under the ground and begin to make connections. Do pray for Luke, Mark, Louise and myself as Governors at St Michael’s Junior school – looking to build on the success of last year’s SAT’s results and deepen the Christian ethos of the place.

Of course it’s also a new term at the infant school too so pray for – George as deputy and for Kate and Nathan as governors and for Ann and the team at First Steps.

Any day now the city will be swelled with thousands of new Students returning to the city or arriving here for the first time. We may not have had many Students join us in the past but with so many of them living locally I am sure that God is going to bring a number to us this year. There is an organisation called Fusion that we are connected to that helps student’s get rooted into local churches. There are over 50 on the list who we are inviting to a come and taste our community and hospitality on the last day of Fresher’s week on Sunday 28th September when we are having a church lunch after the service. Pray for the new students moving into the area and that God will protect and enliven any young Christians as they take their first steps away from home.

In a few weeks’ time the PCC are meeting and this month we will be hearing back from the Architect who we have commissioned to produce some outlying plans to take forward. Considerable time has gone into thinking everything through and together we will need to begin to discern the right steps forward. This will include all of us and will require us to discern from God a vision for his future for the church here. Prayer will be fundamental to this.

For a number of years we have had the idea of being a ‘house of prayer’ and have encouraged one another to convene ‘houses of prayer’ in each other’s homes and at the church each week. If you are free on Tuesday’s at 7-8pm then join us in the church each week to pray and seek God together. If not, consider forming your own ‘house of prayer’ for an hour each week to join with others in circling all these concerns in prayer.

In all these things, especially after the disruption of the summer months, I am particularly mindful of the importance for us to meet together – on Sundays as a larger gathering and midweek in smaller home groups or formation groups. I believe this is vital for us as a church family and I would like to encourage everyone to recommit to these times together. We not only miss out on being blessed ourselves when we are miss out on these but we are unable to be a blessing to others who need us. Part of our purpose for gathering together is to pray for and minister to one another. I long for us to grown in confidence in doing this for each other each week as I know just how much stuff we all carry. Can I encourage you to make the most of any opportunity to receive or to offer prayer when it comes. I am convinced God will act the more we ask.

Lastly – a couple of other more random points…

The first is having a new bell ringer group. Over the last few years Sharon Bradley has been pulling together a group of novice bell ringers who have been ‘learning the ropes’ for ringing at weddings. Recently they offered to ring on Sundays and am delighted that a new group will be ringing every fortnight at 10am to call Twerton to church… Just to say, when you see them in the tower the best way in is through the porch door instead!

And lastly I am grateful that the Diocese have offered me the opportunity of having a three month Sabbatical. Vicars are usually only offered a sabbatical once in their ministry so it is an important time for me. Their purpose is to give a minster the chance to take a step back, to rest, to reflect and to recharge their batteries – spiritual, physical and emotional – ready for the next phase of ministry. It is a good time to take one when there is a Curate in post and I am delighted that Kate has been so encouraging to me about it all as she will be taking up much of the weight of my absence. But, of course, I am by no means indispensable and I am excited not only of the idea of seeing how I will grow through this time away but also how the church will grow without me being around. I am going to be taking mine in November and coming back in February which means that you will be celebrating Christmas without Tory or I. Kate, the church wardens, the PCC and the staff team have all begun preparing for my time away and I value your prayers for me, and Tory, as we take the time to go deeper into the life of Jesus and rest in him for a while.

In all this I am more and more aware that everything we do as a church is a community thing. Christianity is often presented as it’s about God and me – about us individually. It is but it is about far more than that. What really matters is how we live as a community. This is what will be what matters most over the next five years.

Let us recommit to picking up the towel, sharing meals centred on Jesus’ own last supper and loving one another as Christ has loved us.

These three remain. Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.