joufulsquareIt’s been a beautiful summer weather-wise so far this year and we are all so grateful. August is a different month. It goes a bit quieter here in Twerton. Holidays are good for us. We need them and the kids need them. We may rest, but God doesn’t – his love never fails, never runs out, never runs out on me. He is always working his purposes out for us – working for the good of those who love him. We live in his gift of life. Over the next few weeks a team will be running a family day each Friday at Rose Cottage. Head on down to enjoy the fun. Summer is also a time of weddings and we will be celebrating with a number of couples over the next few weeks. Pray for them. Summer is also a time of reflection – a chance to look back and look ahead. There are lots of changes taking place for us as a church at the moment. Mark is taking responsibility for Rose Cottage and we will be looking to appoint a new Kitchen Manager to run two cafe days very soon. Luke’s work as LIFE365 is growing and we are delighted that GWEN and LAURA are joining the team. The Rec House creative arts centre is blossoming too and ANDREW is joining the team to bring an added dimension to the project running a pilot for the next six months. Mark and Luke have worked behind the scenes to fund-raise for these new posts and we are so grateful to God for the provision of resources. The ideas for the building developments continue to take shape and the Architects, PCC and planners are meeting with the next few months and this is a key time in the planning process.

On Sundays, over August, we will be turning our attention to JESUS and retracing his steps through John’s gospel. Each encounter is beautiful and powerful and I am excited about how Jesus’ life will impact us today. Come ready to worship, open up your hearts, receive from him and give to him your best.

One other thing – Richard has been offered a three month Sabbatical by the diocese between November and February after 13 years of ministry and Kate will be leading us through many of these new times and changes. There is much happening and much to give thanks for. Pray for each other. Serve each other. Bless one-another. And above all love one-another.