I invite you to commit yourself to be part of God’s family, here in Twerton, as part of the St Michael’s family. Come along and join us as we work through together how to live for God – not just on a Sunday, but how to live every week for God, every day for God, every hour for God.

Join us

Some of us are not convinced – not ready to jump in.  I can understand that. I realise it’s a big ask.  You are right – it will change everything – it will demand everything – it will cost everything – it will mean turning around and heading in a new direction.  Things will never be the same again.  I understand why it might be hard to join in this adventure we are on.

I guess others of us may not feel ready.  We have things to sort out, stuff to get fixed , things to make good.  Our lives are too full, or too complicated, or too broken, or too messed up, to be involved.  If this is you, then this makes sense too.  Life is complicated.  We can get stuck, really stuck, feel completely broken or lacking any sense of worth at all. 

Or others us might be feeling that we’d come but we don’t want to come on our own – we want our wife to come too, or our kids – or we worry that if we got involved they might not want to join us.  I understand that. It’s a big decision… although I bet they will come if you do.

And others of us might just not believe it.  We don’t get it.  We don’t want it.  We are not even the slightest bit interested. 

I hear all that.  I get it.  I understand.  It all makes sense.

But here’s the question:  What if the world really did change with the birth, the life, the death, the resurrection, the ascension of Jesus?  What if there really is a way of being fully alive – of living life in all its fullness – and all it needs is a first step?  What if we don’t need to know all the answers all at once?  What if all it needs is just the first step out of the boat?

Join us.  Join me.  Join God. Join in with what God wants for people in Twerton.  Getting every part of life back into line with how he designed it.  Jesus came to change the world. He came to save it.  To save you and me.  He came to make us new.  He came to forgive and to mend. He came to fill and restore.  This is why he came…

So here’s the invitation again.  I invite you all, to commit yourself to be part of God’s family, here in Twerton, as part of the St Michael’s family, as part of God’s worldwide family, to live for God – every day – right here right now, right where you are.

How about it?