I have a dream of a community in Twerton that is know by three words – that they live for God.  They are a remarkable community.  They consider their lives as valuable to God and they are filled with hope, purpose, direction and joy – but they are not self-absorbed or self-oriented – instead they are open and alive to everything that God might be doing every day.  They are energized by worship by prayer and by service.  They come to life when they are involved and active in God’s plans and God’s way of doing things.  They are risk takers and adventurers – they are salt and light.  They don’t look back at their mistakes and their sins – they look ahead to the goal of their salvation – they don’t get trapped in shame or fear or guilt – they come to Christ to release them into freedom – they don’t drift through life just trying to get by but they live on purpose – they live for a goal – they live for a vision.   They don’t believe the accuser or the father of lies – they don’t engage in meaningless talk or pleasure in gossip – instead they rejoice in truth and they celebrate goodness.  They treat their bodies with respect and they treat their neighbours with respect too.  They serve God in their words, in their actions, in their thoughts.

Some of you are completely up for it!  You are ready!  You have signed up already and are ready for another year.  Others of you are tempted… or intrigued – you are interested to find out more.  You are not yet convinced but you wonder if this might be what you have really been looking for all this time.  You are wondering if this way of living will help you in your grief, in your sadness, in your loneliness, in your stress, in your purposelessness, in your anxiety.  You are wondering if there is more to life than all you have discovered so far.

If this is you, then join us.  Join in.  Join us on the discovery.  Come along and enquire – ask questions – Sign up for an Alpha course in January (Wednesday evenings 7.30pm Supper / A short video / and chatting about it with others – Starts January 11th.)

Or come along on Sundays at 10.30am.