lent40LENT is an amazing world-wide phenomenon. Millions of ordinary people around the world will be using these 40 days to review and renew their
spiritual life in Christ and as a local church we will be joining in with it all and trying to make it our own. There are so many different ways of making the most of LENT and every generation has developed its own traditions but while this means that there are hundreds of ways to make it purposeful for us all it can also seem overwhelming. So we are trying to keep things simple. We start it all off with a powerful service on ASH WEDNESDAY and we will be travelling together right up to GOOD FRIDAY and then through to EASTER DAY. Join us as we journey together reconnecting with the most amazing story of God’s love for our world.

One way you might find helpful is to reflect on your life by asking yourself four simple questions:

  • How is your worship?
  • How is your discipleship?
  • How are your relationships with others?
  • How are you involved in God’s mission?

Worship, discipleship, community and mission are the four markers of all disciples and all churches. They are an expansion of the two commands to love God and love our neighbour. Worship and Discipleship are our ways of loving God. Community and Mission are our ways of loving others. Why not use these four simple questions to review your life over the next forty days of LENT?

To help you in this I have produced a little booklet which you can download and print off…