A wonderful group of Young People are heading our way from Nottingham to do a 30hr Mission here in Twerton and Whiteway, organised through Youth For Christ. There will be about a dozen young people coming down on the Saturday morning ready to bless the community up in Whiteway (car washing, litter picking, football) and hand out leaflets about the Rec House to other local young people. Then in the evening they will be running a Youth Cafe at the Rec House where we hope to have some music, DJing and some dance. On Sunday they will be available to help out with Children’s work and Youth Work before heading off back up the motorway after lunch.

It’s great that a group of young people want to offer themselves to us for this weekend and I am praying it will help us connect with young people especially and advertise the Rec House which is looking amazing. How about Joining in? Let Richard know : )

If you have any ideas or suggestions do get in touch!